Dana Fonteneau

A Path to Change: From Surviving to Thriving, How to Awaken Your Inspired Leader and Become an Empowered and Inspired Agent of Change

Perhaps now more than ever before we need empowered, courageous, and inspired musicians who know the value and importance of art in today's world. Leadership through innovation and inspiration are no longer optional, but essential. Thought leader Dana Fonteneau reveals how you can reinvent yourself and your performance to get on the path to empowerment, inspiration, and fulfillment. In this captivating and high-energy keynote presentation you will:

  • Explore the difference between surviving and thriving from an emotional, mental, physical and musical perspective and why being empowered in all areas is essential.
  • Learn how you can infuse an innovative mindset and culture into your practice, performing, teaching, organization and your life.
  • Discover why inspiration matters and how it is essential for empowering musicians and the larger global culture.
  • Have a clearer sense of your vision and purpose, and what that feels like from a somatic perspective.
  • Invoke your passions and values to achieve your innovative and leadership potential. 

Saturday, June 24 9:15 - 10:45 am

The Brilliant Function of Fear: How to Listen to the Language of Your Body and Use it to THRIVE Onstage and in Life

Fear, anxiety and stage fright are often interpreted as negative feedback and experiences that are supposed to be avoided or gotten rid of. Dana Fonteneau offers a different point of view.

What if fear or anxiety were nothing more than energy in the body that could be harnessed and consciously directed to create the outcome you want? What if fear could be valued and utilized?

In this experiential workshop, you will learn that:

  • Thoughts have a direct impact on your somatic experience-change your thoughts and change your state.
  • Your somatic state (posture, energy level, hydration and diet) have a direct impact on the thoughts you think. (Poor posture creates poor thinking.)
  • Catastrophic thinking and internal criticism are habits that create reliable energy. Once this is conscious you can choose a more empowered option.
  • Tools including somatic exercise and visualization that can transform fear into courage and get the results you of whether it's in the practice room, rehearsal on stage or in life. 

Sunday, June 25 10:45-11:45

Dana Fonteneau is rapidly establishing herself on the world stage as a thought leader for musicians on such topics as success, health and wellness, innovation and empowerment for sustainable careers in music. 

As a former concert cellist Ms. Fonteneau had a chamber music career formed by studying with the founding members of the Amadeus, Juilliard, and Borodin string quartets. After studying at the Oberlin Conservatory, Dana went on to study with Bonnie Hampton at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she graduated with a BM in cello performance and an MM in chamber music performance and then taught for ten years at the Pre-college and Adult Extension divisions. 

Now a licensed somatic psychotherapist in the state of California (MFC49425) and founder of the WholeHearted Musician, Ms. Fonteneau devotes her time to empowering musicians to have a fulfilling and financially sustainable life in the arts.

She has been in residence at Yellow Barn, the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, UT Austin's Butler School of Music, and University of Michigan's School of Music, Theater and Dance as well as guest presented for San Francisco State's Psychology Department, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Manhattan School of Music California All-State Music Educators Conference, Rice University, Sonoma State University and Chamber Music America. Her writing can be found in Strings Magazine, Chamber Music Magazine and San Francisco Classical Voice. Her first book, It's Not (JUST) about the Gig: A Musician's Guide to Creating the Mindset for Career Success AND Fulfillment is available for purchase on Amazon.com. 

Dr. Richard Nichols

Changing Views of the Anatomy of Movement: Fascia and Tensegrity

In this session we will discuss some newer ideas about the role of fascia in movement, and the potential role of this tissue in the sensation of movement as well. We will also talk about the concept of tensegrity, and discuss the extent to which this idea can help us understand better how we move and how we perceive movement. An open discussion will be encouraged.

Sunday, June 25 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Body Maps and Internal Models: A Neuroscience Update

Movement scientists use the concept of an "internal model" to understand how the central nervous system can represent a learned movement. We represent not only the anatomical structures involved in space and time, but also the manner in which we interact with the outside world, including our musical instruments. We will discuss whether this concept may help us to better understand the physical basis of the body map.

Monday, June 26 4:00-5:00 pm

Richard Nichols received his undergraduate degree in biology and applied mathematics from Brown University, and his Ph.D. in Physiology from Harvard Medical School. Following postdoctoral training at the University of Alberta and Johns Hopkins University and a first faculty position at the University of Washington, he was appointed to the faculty of Physiology at Emory University, where he remained for 24 years, attaining the rank of Professor and Interim Chair.  In 2007, he took the position of Chair of the School of Applied Physiology at Georgia Tech.  He holds an appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory.  He is also a member of the Research Committee of Andover Educators.

AE Conference Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique Teachers

Private Lessons - Saturday through Wednesday

Two Group Lessons are included with conference registration

Sign up link for private lessons is available with conference registration confirmation

Mark Erickson: Mark has been practicing physical therapy thirty years after he graduated from the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse in 1983. He has integrated the Feldenkrais Method into his practice since 1985, and completed the four year training process in 1994 to become certified by the Feldenkrais Guild as a Feldenkrais Practioner. Mark earned a Doctor of Science degree in Physical Therapy and is a board certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy. He has a wide range of clinical experience practicing in environments specializing in body awareness training, pain, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Robert Britton: Robert Britton graduated as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1978. In addition to his private practice in San Francisco, he has taught the Alexander Technique to musicians at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music since 1984. He has helped train Alexander Technique Teachers since 1989, and currently trains Alexander teachers at the Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley. Bob regularly gives workshops around the world to Alexander Technique teachers. He was awarded the George S. Sarlo award for Excellence in Teaching in Colleges and Universities in Northern California in 2012, and is currently serving as the Department Chairman of “The Complete Musician” Department at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 8:30 - 9:20 am

Mary Kogen is Professor Emerita at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. During the 26 years prior to her retirement in 2003, she taught Piano, Pedagogy, and Class Piano. Because she believes the body is a rhythmical instrument, for 17 years Mary has pursued rhythm and movement through the experiential rhythm system TaKeTiNa. In 2008, she presented “Rhythm and Evolution” for the Music Teachers National Association in Denver, Colorado. She has been a member of the SYMS faculty at the University of New Hampshire for the past seven years where she teaches participatory rhythmic learning to high school music students. Mary has presented rhythm workshops at numerous universities and conferences around the US. She also maintains a studio in Portland where she teaches pedagogy, piano, and TaKeTiNA.

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